Axel Di Chiappari

Axel Di Chiappari was born on July 11, 1973 in Sète in the south of France. He is a visual artist and performer since 1994. His main exhibitions (non-exhaustive list) took place in the cities of Montpellier, Geneva, Monaco, Sète, Madrid, Venice, Nîmes…

“NEOPICS” covers various subjects ranging from self-portraits to landscapes, including more societal themes. It is also several artistic techniques to express human emotions and the sensitive. The production of the different formats (from 60 x 40 cm to 120 x 80 cm) is broken down into three phases.

First there is the photography, then comes the digital processing of the image and finally the purely plastic part: the final touch, where Indian ink and watercolor rub shoulders with acrylic paint and felt-tip pen.
In order to provide a pictorial dimension, the images are printed on canvas and presented on thick frames, which gives additional relief to the works.

Axel Di chiappari est né le 11 juillet 1973 à Sète dans le sud de la France. C’est un  artiste plasticien et performer depuis 1994. Ses principales  expositions (liste non exhaustive) avaient lieu dans les villes de Montpellier, Genève, Monaco, Sète, Madrid, Venise, Nîmes ...

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Axel Di Chiaparri and the INFR'ACTION Festival

Axel participated in the INFR’ACTION Festival in Sète.

Ouverture du Festival INFR'ACTION 10 Espace Paul Boyé Sète

Ouverture du Festival INFR’ACTION 10 Espace Paul Boyé Sète

“Through his memories, intimate and personal, the artist speaks of something that concerns and touches everyone, the obligatory passages of suffering, joy and hope that everyone encounters in their existence. With him, the intimate becomes universal, the particular becomes collective. With him, secrets, wounds, individual trials become a moment of sharing, generous and open.”
Pierre Tilman

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Axel, le reportage par ViàOccitanie.

Axel, le reportage par ViàOccitanie.

Combining photography, digital processing and finishing with Indian ink or watercolor, that’s all the artistic work of Sétois Axel Di Chiappari. Painter and performer for many years, he speaks, through his creations, about his personal experience, He presents his exhibition NEOPICS.


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