Fabian Caro at the Santiago Medical Art Gallery!


From December 1, 2022 – Santiago, Chile.

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Fabian Caro Román invites you on a journey through magical dimensions with his “Inventory”.

Today, December 1, at the Santiago Medical Art Gallery, the “Inventario” exhibition by Chilean artist and architect Fabián Caro Román opens. The exhibition brings together sculptures, paintings and drawings by our artist, works that connect directly with the spectators in order to show them a fascinating vision of suggestive dreamlike images.

Fabian Caro tells us about his plastic approach:
“In general, I have defined my work in the world of plastic arts as a state of the soul, and I am more and more sure that it is indeed so, I perform feeling and discovering minute by minute what is born like a creative torrent that takes shape in volumes, tones, colors, geometry, lines, materials, lights, depths and perspectives. This, together with the discipline, the absolute rigor, the techniques, the trade, the many successes and failures that guide the path that leads me to happily execute this artistic work that I give to all those who wish to travel through magical dimensions which are outside of reality. Their senses with this creativity transformed into works”.

The architectural landscapes are located in the improbable temporal coordinate of what Fabian Caro calls the retrofuture.

“The pre-existences, the permanent analysis of the environment, the consummate and digested observation are the components that closely accompany the process of my work, with often unpredictable results. It is then that metaphysical spaces appear populated by retro-futuristic monstrosities, compositions loaded with symbolism, mythological beings mixed with faces evoking delirious realities, recognizable features attached to bodies that twist and lean on unexpected visionary orthoses, typical expressions of humanity installed on surreal bodies like gargoyles, figureheads, sensual and erotic muses, gothic princes and furious punks with prickly tongues,” says Caro.

“Through this work that I present, I wish to invite you to make each of these surreal universes and visual constructions with unprecedented perspectives your own, to make a playful intermission to our “So Real Idea of ​​Things” and to open our minds to navigate in full spaces. Surrealism and fantasy. Because in the living room of the house, in the hall of the building, in the professional office, in the garden, on the terrace and in every architectural space, we can have an inventoried haven of fantasies, dreams and new atmospheres magic that allow us to breathe differently, that allow us to extract ourselves from everyday life and from the overwhelming serialization to which we are exposed on a daily basis”.

The invitation to this exhibition is for all those who love visual experimentation, with works of art that give the possibility of experiencing different realities, of traveling mentally, physically and spiritually through surprising realms that are there facing the work of art and discovering our different planes of consciousness, unconsciousness, reverie and fantasy to encounter characters, situations and metaphysical symbols that provoke our senses to achieve magical effects in each of us as spectators in phase one, active protagonists in phase two and finally protectors satisfied with the experience of consuming art as a cultural product”

Artemis Irenäus von Baste gladly adds that visiting this exhibition while listening to the music of Karl Sagan’s television series “Cosmos” is something to experience.

Place of the event

Santiago Medical Art Gallery / Clinica Santiago Medical
Juan XXIII 6130, Vitacura, Region Metropolitana, Chile.

+56 2 2656 6666


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