Dzyan (Eric Jarque) between Expressionism and Virginia Woolf?

Our painter and blacksmith Eric Jarque Dzyan offers this fine art painting. Dzyan’s work cannot be assigned to any particular repertoire. Abstract art ? Figurative art? drawing ?
No…. There are as many mythological depictions as visions of a lake or seabed, an erupting volcano, or algae clinging to the bottom of a lake or seashore, clinging to the idea of unleashing expressive emotions. Would we be in the idea of expressionism?

The fundamental peculiarity of expressionist art is that it is magical. The painted forms amaze and tell a story. Remember that expressionism also finds its forms in cinema, dance and poetry. Personally, I sense an emphasis on lines in Eric Jarque Dzyan: the lines create that graphic design that gives character; Each brushstroke has its own character, like a blacksmith’s hammer bending disparate sheets of metal to create a rose. The expressionism of Eric, underwater explorer and professional diver, weighs and shows all the emotions he experienced at the time.

This painting reminds me of the work of Jules Vernes or the drawings of Edgar Paul Jacob for «The Mystery of Atlantis», but also the pages of Virginia Woolf that describe these meadows of algae washed by the current of the river.

I am pleased to be able to show this painting in large format….

Artemis Irenäus

Notre artiste peintre et forgeron Eric Jarque Dzyan propose cette peinture d’Art. L’oeuvre de Dzyan ne peut pas être classée dans un répertoire précis. Art abstrait ? Art figuratif ? Illustration ?  Non. Il existe autant de représentation mythologique que de vision d’un fond lacustre ou marin, volcan en éruption ou algue accrochée au fond d’un lac ou d’un bord de mer, accrochée à l’idée d’exposer des émotions expressives. Serions-nous dans l’idée d’expressionnisme ?

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